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The Tub Step-Thru

Safety, Accessibility, Affordability & Convenience

The Tub Step-Thru is a unique product that enables an individual to access their bathtub in a safe and assured manner. We at Northern Acrylic recognize that there are many people who are unable to use a bathtub due to the high sidewalls. According to a recent study by the Council on Aging, numerous accidents occur annually in and around the tub area. This number can be significantly reduced with the use of the Tub Step-Thru. The safe enjoyment of your new shower is now affordable, quick, and easy.

What are the benefits of the Tub Step-Thru ?

  • Reduce the possibility of falls, while getting in and out of the tub.
  • A savings of thousands of dollars.
  • The Tub Step-Thru is installed using the present tub whether itís made of fiberglass, steel or even cast iron.
  • A tub-to-shower conversion that simplifies your life and fits your budget.
  • Can be installed in less than a day.
  • Aids in the senior and caregiver by removing their biggest barrier in the tub area.
  • A safer entry into your bathtub/shower area has never been easier.
  • Slip resistant step
  • A seat removable folding seat can be installed for sit down showers.

    This is a product that is affordable for those that are on a fixed income with not a lot of money to spare but has a need for it. These are best marketed in senior apartment complexes and nursing homes along with personal homes. If you can install one in an apartment complex, that tenant will talk about it to all of their friends. Those friends will then urge management to put one in their apartment as well.

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